Finding Your Answer to Should I Stay or Should I Go?

FREE 8-Part Video Training Series with trusted relationship expert and coach, Catherine Dietz, to find the clarity, confidence and courage to make a decision that's right for you.

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Your Guide to Know... Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Making the decision to stay or go in your romantic relationship is HUGE, and you want to make a choice that not only makes sense in your head, but also feels right in your heart. But when you're flooded with so many thoughts and emotions, especially if you've been in the relationship for a long period of time, it's difficult to separate how you think and how you feel and get to the root of what you really want. 

For Instance, Maybe...

You feel anxious, worried, or unsure about your relationship, but the answer to stay or go isn’t clear. 

You know you need to leave, but you're afraid of what will happen if you do.

You and your partner are still in love, but you’ve lost your connection and you don’t know how to get it back.

You’ve been ready to leave for years, but the guilt of breaking up the family has kept you in a loveless relationship.

You feel obligated to “stick it out” because you’ve already invested so much, but you're simply miserable.

There is a way to quiet the mind and soothe the flood of emotions you feel right now so you can find your truth. The answer you seek can be found through the HEALTHY Path Process where you'll not only discover an answer that connects your head and your heart, but you’ll also uncover the courage and confidence you need to take whatever steps are necessary to regain peace, trust and love in your romantic relationships.

Using the HEALTHY Path Process, you'll be guided through:

  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Honing in on the purpose of your relationship
  • Empowering yourself with what you've already learned the hard way
  • Activating your inner champion
  • Letting go of the pain that binds you
  • Trusting yourself and the process
  • Having the conversation with yourself first
  • YES! You do deserve to be in a healthy, happy and loving relationship

Each training video includes an inspired plan of action exercise to help you uncover your feelings and needs and learn effective ways to break old patterns that have kept you from meeting your needs. These unique and explorative exercises – combined with 8 training videos – put you on a HEALTHY Path to Love so you can have the relationship you truly desire.

This FREE Video Training Series Includes

8 Inspired Plan of Action Worksheets 

Guidance and Support Throughout This Series 

8 Guided Videos With A Trusted Relationship Coach


The founder of A Healthy Path to Love, licensed Heal Your Life® Coach with over 5 years of experience, and an empowering speaker in guiding women in deciding to stay or leave a romantic relationship. Her passion and purpose reside in teaching women how to gain the clarity, confidence and courage needed to either reconnect with their partner in a way that feels good or gracefully let go of a relationship that no longer serves them. 

As a former Cardiovascular Technologist, Catherine has in-depth knowledge of the mechanics and physiology of the heart, which she combines with her innate understanding of the emotional intricacies of the heart, to offer a holistic approach for women facing this relationship challenge. Having faced the decision to stay or go in her own personal life, Catherine was called to create The HEALTHY Path Process, a step-by-step program to guide women in gaining clarity and support in making the decision to stay or leave with self-awareness, compassion and grace. 

Catherine believes our romantic relationships offer our greatest lessons and give us endless opportunities to discover who we really are and what we truly want so we can stay true to who we are and align this awareness with the deepest part of ourselves to experience freedom, joy and confidence in all areas of our lives.

Praise for Catherine Dietz and the HEALTHY Path to Love Process

"Before I started coaching sessions with Catherine, I was feeling very frustrated with not knowing if I had one foot in my relationship or one foot out. I was feeling very stuck in terms of my focus and putting so much pressure on myself to make a decision. I was also keeping a lot of thoughts and feelings to myself in regard to my relationship instead of expressing them to my partner.  

By participating in The HEALTHY Path Process program, what I learned about myself was that some of the things I am not getting from my relationship, I can give to myself. I am taking more responsibility for making myself happy and acting where I can to improve my life.  

My coaching sessions with Catherine helped me experience more peace of mind and less stress about the relationship and where it is going. They have helped me be more in the moment. They also helped me uncover some of the stories I was telling myself based on the fear of facing issues. For example, I had a lot of fear-based beliefs about what a divorce would do to my children and what they thought of the idea.

The program provided a framework for exploring issues I was facing and have been a resource for me to go back to since I’ve completed them. Moving forward, I now feel I have the tools to accomplish goals I’ve set for myself and have honest conversations with my partner as issues come up.  

After my coaching sessions with Catherine, I’m not nearly as frustrated. I have improved my focus to include more self-care and am continuing to set and achieve personal goals for myself.  

I highly recommend Catherine and the Healthy Path to Love program for anyone that is stuck in a pattern of not knowing what to do about their relationship. Catherine offers a supportive environment to get to the heart of the matters that are impacting your quality of life in your relationship and help you take steps to address them."  

-Dina B  

"Before I started coaching sessions with Catherine, I was feeling lost and confused about my relationship. I was living in a day-to- day cycle of frustration and uncertainty. I needed help with finding clarity about my own needs and understanding how to navigate the challenges. By participating in The HEALTHY Path Process, I learned that I deserve to be happy. This program is so rich and transformational. It’s truly an amazing creation and a gift from someone who is devoted to this work. The questions and exercises challenged me and brought me clarity. I now realize that I have power over how I show up in relationships that will directly affect how I experience them. I have the tools to have healthy boundaries and remain calm when having difficult conversations. I’ve learned how to speak up for myself and be honest about my feelings, to be in touch with my inner knowing and trust the process."


"I faced a health crisis, job crisis, personal crisis, as well as the probable end to my marriage of 12 years. In the midst of the year, I was struggling to make sense of what I should do next -- should I stay with my partner and father of my kids, or was it time to go? To make matters more complicated, I was never out of love with my partner. We were both at a point of a mid-life crisis and we now had the added complexity of an affair partner to contend with. The situation was complicated, ever-changing and really, really painful. Since working through the HEALTHY Path Process, my emotional intelligence and control has dramatically improved, I am a more patient and calm parent, I have met more health and wellness goals than I ever thought I was capable of achieving and I am actually happier than I was before the affair happened."


"The HEALTHY Path Process helped me gain the tools that I needed to begin rebuilding my self-confidence, find clarity in how to reach my happiness, and ignite my motivation to go after what I wanted. My life has drastically changed and continues to advance in the direction of happiness. My long-term boyfriend and I decided to go our separate ways, but after going through this process, I found strength, self-love, and confidence that a fulfilling relationship awaits me. I also went after my dream job and got it. My work is now rewarding, I feel valued by my colleagues, and I make more money. I am powerful!"

-Kristi V.


8 Steps to Know Should Stay or Should I Go?

This 8-part video training series offers you an amazing opportunity to gain clarity, confidence and courage in deciding whether to reconnect with your partner in a way that feels good, or gracefully let go of a relationship that is no longer serving you or your partner.

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